Etiquette Plus™ Kids – Success in School (S.I.S) Program

Age Group: 5 to 8 Yrs Old

Course Description

Etiquette Plus ™ Kids -Success in School (S.I.S) Program is perfect for giving your child a head start in life. This on-going program is a game-based socio-emotional learning program for children ages, 5-8 years old. It is designed in a thematic format where children go on imaginary adventures. The fun-filled games and activities are contextual, imaginative, experiential, and collaborative. It trains children across a broad range of self-regulation skills, including neurocognitive functions, strategic skills, and emotion regulation. These skills are trained in conjunction with social skills such as active communication, self awareness, and collaboration with others.

Who is it for?

5 to 8 years old

What is my child going to get from this course?

Self-regulation skills are essential for many domains of child functioning including school readiness, academic success, social relationships, and mental health. When children enter school, the demands for self-regulation exponentially increase as they have to pay attention to their teachers, stay on task, inhibit their impulses, and regulate emotional reactions associated with frustration and disappointment. This program embeds numerous skills in each session which include:

1. Inhibition
2. Attention
3. Working Memory
4. Planning
5. Prioritizing
6. Organization
7. Time Management
8. Emotion Regulation
9. Effective communication
10. Collaboration with Others

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