The Power of Etiquette Plus™ Holiday Bootcamps and Workshops

Etiquette Plus™ holiday boot camps and workshops will empower children with the lifelong skills that create an everlasting positive impact. Every student enrolled will blossom, flourish and learn how to turn their dreams into reality. These life-changing holiday boot camps will fast-track their success.

Each empowering boot camp and workshop creates the perfect atmosphere for children to boost their development and accelerate their learning. With world class coaches, students will discover a fun, engaging and exciting educational adventure they love.

Who is it for?

2 Days Sparkling Kids Boot Camp for 4 to 7 years old

2 Confidence is Cool FOR 8 To 12 Years old

3 hours Character, Confidence and Courtesy ® Workshop for 4 to 7 years old

3 hours Etiquette Plus ® Workshop for 8 to 12 years old

Sparkling Kids Boot Camp

Do you have a child who is very shy, does not play well with other children, lacks confidence, or is unable to focus in school?  Etiquette Plus Academy is offering a concentrated “Boot Camp” teaching social skills that highlight these very issues.  In two days, the “Sparkling Kids Boot Camp” will teach your children self-control, understanding the feelings of others, and team building.  Children will be given instruction, time for practicing the skills they learn, and learn fun ways to remember and apply what they learn. 

Along with these basic skills, your children will be guided in setting realistic goals that meet their own needs as well as how to make smart choices with an understanding about the outcome of these choices.

Confidence is Cool®

The Two-day Camp will help youngsters, ages 8-12, achieve confidence, higher self-esteem and fine-tune their public speaking and deportment skills.

This program is interactive, based on a hands-on workshop approach filled with role-plays and group presentations. The students in this two-day camp will learn what it means to be confident, set goals, learn different ways to work with others, poise and how to speak out as a leader. Students who intend to further their education, often feel anxious or insecure will find this workshop a fun way to try on some different skills. Parents cannot wait for their children to “grow” into a confident adult without some guidance. The more guidance is given, the more confidence and self-esteem a child will gain. Left alone, it may not happen.

Give your child the benefit of this extra guidance and watch the bloom of self-assurance and inner peace.

Character, Confidence and Courtesy® and Dining Etiquette Workshop

For parents who recognize the importance of their children’s manners, this interactive program focuses on up-to-date social and communications skills which build self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others. The learning objectives of this workshop include: 

  • What is Manners and why manners matter
  • Self-respect and respect for others
  • Making positive introductions
  • Confidence in meeting and greetings
  • Poise and posture (deportment)
  • Sportsmanship behavior
  • Confidence on stage
  • Dining Etiquette Plus® and Dining Etiquette Workshop

The goal of this program for Pre-Teens is to learn key social skills that will boost their confidence and set them apart for success! The teen years determine the path kids will take on their journey into adulthood. Preparing them with the right tools and skills will help build self-esteem and confidence that shows in how they act, speak, and behave.

By enrolling in this program, the children will be well ahead of others his or her age. They will have the knowledge and insight to demonstrate appropriate manners/social skills and act accordingly in specific situations. Additionally, they will learn to respect others; and in turn, be respected. The learning objectives of this workshop include:

  • Meet and Greet with confidence
  • Understand the power of handshake, eye contact and smile
  • Make a positive introduction
  • Poise and Posture
  • Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Self-respect and respect for others
  • Confidence on stage
  • Dining Etiquette

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